Inaugural concert with the band Puuluup

Värät tetäs valla! (The gates are open!) 

The long-awaited Mulgi landmark – the Mulgi Experience Centre – is now open and ready to welcome visitors!

The remarkable folktronica duo Puuluup will inaugurate this exceptional centre unparalleled in the world with a captivating concert on 31 May, beginning at 18:00!
Without a doubt, all self-respecting Mulks and culture enthusiasts will gather to participate in this historic event.
Tickets are available for purchase in limited quantities on The ticket also grants access to the exhibits of the Mulgi Experience Centre.

The main gates will open at 17:00. The concert will be held outdoors, under a spacious party tent.

See you at the Mulgi Experience Centre! 

Mulgi Elamuskeskuse avakontsert ansambliga Puuluup