The 7th Mulgi Festival ‘Midrilinnu pesä’

The seventh Mulgi festival ‘Midrilinnu pesä’ will take place on 10 June at the Mulgi Experience Centre!
Singers, dancers and folk musicians from Mulgimaa will perform, followed by a lively village dance party! Mulgi Family Day – cultural nest, children’s programme, petting zoo, strength challenges and much more.
Festival schedule:
12:00 – The gates are opened, kicking off the Mulgi Family Day and Fair
13:00 – The cultural nests programme begins
17:00 – Grand Mulgi concert performance: 1,000 performers on stage, featuring soloists Isabel Palu, Stefan, Rasmus Kadaja and Triinu Taul
19:00 – Village dance party with legendary folk band Untsakad
At the Mulgi festival, visitors can experience the Mulgi culture first hand. The first half of the day is filled with mini-concerts and performances in cultural nests, many of which you can actively participate in and learn delightful Mulgi dances or jokes.
Apart from the cultural nests, the festival day offers a variety of activities for both the young and the old. In the festival area, there will be a traditional crafts fair where you can enjoy authentic Mulgi cuisine and receive valuable tips on how to prepare these delicious dishes. Visitors are welcome to participate in workshops and take on Mulgi challenges, there is also a petting zoo for the little ones in the family to enjoy. Literature and art enthusiasts are not left out either, as there is an art programme and a book nest designed specially for them.
The Mulgi festival culminates with the spectacular concert performance that adds a contemporary twist to the traditional Mulgi culture. Dancers, singers, soloists and a folk music orchestra will take the stage. The concert performance tells a story of hope, love and support that is given and needed by our close family members as well as those who share the same cultural space with us.
During the festival, the esteemed Taul family of Mulgimaa will take the stage, joined by the renowned accordionist Rasmus Kadaja, up-and-coming young talent Isabel Palu, kannel instructor Heidi Höövel and the male artist of the year, Stefan, who will make his debut singing in the Mulgi dialect. The festival band comprises Indrek Mällo, Marvin Mitt, Kristo Joosep and Themuri Sulamanidze.
The Mulgi festival offers a great opportunity to be among the first to explore the brand new Mulgi Experience Centre. The Mulgi Experience Centre is a centre established through the collaboration of three municipalities of Mulgimaa – Mulgi, Viljandi and Tõrva rural municipalities – with the aim of bringing together the Mulgi culture, information, products, services and events.

Admission is free for performers and children up to and including 16 years of age.
Full ticket €15

The Mulgi Experience Centre is open on 10 June from 12:00 to 20:00. On that day, a special price of €7 applies to all Mulgi festival attendees for a visit to the exhibition (valid only with a Mulgi festival ticket!). Children up to and including 5 years of age can visit the Experience Centre for free.
Visiting the Mulgi Experience Centre exhibition on 10 June is not possible without a Mulgi festival ticket.

Tickets are available for purchase at:
Karksi-Nuia Culture Centre
Abja Culture House
Mõisaküla Culture House
Riidaja COOP store
Hummuli COOP store
Flower shop Tõrva Keskväljaku Lillesalong
Tõrva Veemõnula Water and Sauna Centre